Clothes from the Norwegian Lynx Laboratory are suitable for meetings, running after the bus, and jumping over a fence. Photo: Lynx Laboratory
Clothes from the Norwegian Lynx Laboratory are suitable for meetings, running after the bus, and jumping over a fence. Photo: Lynx Laboratory


Around the world with six garments

“You should be able to get by in all weathers and in all types of company with these six multi-functional garments,” say Petter and Marius Ianssen, founders of clothing company Lynx Urban Outdoor.

Petter and Marius Ianssen have created a menswear collection that goes by the name Lynx Urban Outdoor. Their six garments are designed to make packing easy for men.

“I was in New York last year,” Petter Ianssen, co-founder of Lynx Urban Outdoor tells Scandinavian Traveler. “It was pouring down, the worst rain I’ve ever seen. But the next day it was twenty degrees and sunny. Because we travel a lot for work, I like to just take carry-on baggage. Not have one garment to keep out the wind, another for rain, and then an outfit for meetings. So we thought how nice it would be if we could have clothes that were suitable everywhere. But fashion clothing is designed to be elegant, which makes it difficult to be active, and sports clothes had garish colors.”

So Petter (38), together with his brother Marius (36), set about developing a menswear collection that could work in all situations.

“Our clothing performs the functions that clothing should, in both practical and social situations,” Marius says.

Functional materials

Their blazer is made from a breathable wool blend with two-way stretch. It’s equipped with an invisible locking mechanism that insulates against the cold. The jacket also has a hidden zipper in the back that allows it to expand. So, for example, you can bend over a handlebar and cycle to your meeting. It also looks sharp enough for you to be able to do afternoon aperitivos in Milan. The jeans are made from a fabric containing a membrane that adapts to the climate. It’s breathable indoors and keeps the water out when it’s raining. The material uses polyurethane and was developed by a Swiss company called Schoeller. The jeans are also expandable, so you’ll have no problem running for a bus or jumping over a fence. And if you’ve eaten a bit too much tapas, you can always adjust the waistline – without anyone noticing. You’ll also be seen in the dark, as the trousers are fitted with reflectors.  

Altogether, the collection consists of six garments for men:

  • jeans
  • chinos
  • white shirt
  • t-shirt
  • blazer
  • trench coat

One blazer, many features.

Timeless design

“The fashion houses want you to have a hundred shirts in different colors, but we wanted to make something that will continue to look good for years. So we’ve chosen to create classic pieces. Nothing’s more classic and usable than a white shirt with a navy blazer. It’s suitable for all occasions. But what we’ve done is to update the garments with technology so they function better as clothes.”

The collection has been designed so that men don’t have to spend time thinking about what to wear and what goes together.

“You should be able to just stick your arm in the closet and pull out an outfit that looks good,” Petter says. “It makes it easy for men to dress well and at the same time you can fit everything in your carry-on bag.”

The clothes are designed by Dorthe Hansen, a designer with experience from both the fashion and sportswear industries. The future plan is not to develop more items of clothing, but to make further improvements to the existing ones.

“We’re not going to create new garments just to have several different styles,” Marius says. “If a shirt does the same job as a sweater, then we don’t need both.”

An ace up your sleeve? The Lynx Urban Outdoors shirt has a pocket for your credit card in its sleeve. It also has hidden snap fasteners in the button band so it doesn’t gape at the front.

The clothes aren’t cheap. The jeans cost Nkr2,953 and the blazer costs Nkr6,464.

“Everything is manufactured in Europe. We stipulate a lot of technical requirements and it’s hard to find anyone outside Europe who can deliver on all of these.”

The clothes are sold online at  lunxurbanoutdoor.com, but the vision of the founders is that the clothes will eventually be sold in a few of their own flagship stores. 

Text: Inga Ragnhild Holst

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